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Flat Roofs and Roof Shoveling

The winter season has its beautiful snowfalls, though it can take a toll on the roof of your building or home. The Roof Doctor offers roof shoveling to our customers to free them of this potentially dangerous home maintenance task. We have the right equipment and know-how to carefully shovel roof snow and remove ice dams that may form from the continual melting and re-freezing of snow. Call The Roof Doctor!

Clearing snow and removing ice build-up from roofs are done quickly and safely by The Roof Doctor. We will remove the snow on your roof before leaks and other forms of damage escalate. We’ll save your roof and home from that heavy load.

flat roofing services roof shoveling services

The Roof Doctor always does a thorough job. As we perform your roof snow removal, we will inspect your roof for snow and ice damage and make any necessary repairs. The Roof Doctor uses high quality roof rakes and snow cutters to remove the snow off your roof, which will help prevent ice dams and leave your property in a safe condition. Our trained roofers use the proper precautions not to damage your roof materials or structure. Let us be the ones to climb that slippery slope!

Extending your roof’s life and long-term performance requires the correct roof coating materials, the correct primer, and a proper application. The Roof Doctor and our experienced team will be happy to assist you with this process and provide you with one of the best roof coatings engineered today. The Roof Doctor uses a multitude of residential and commercial roof coatings which offer significant advantages in energy savings and lower maintenance costs.

  • SPF Roofing (Spray foam roofing)
  • Acrylic roof coating
  • Elastomeric roof coating
  • Urethane roof coating
  • EPDM Rubber roof coating
  • Asphalt emulsion roof coating
  • Silicone roof coatings
  • Rolled roofing

Whether you are looking for acrylic elastomeric, liquid rubber or a silicone roof coating, The Roof Doctor’s skilled tradesmen have experience with the following roof coating materials: polymer-modified acrylic elastomers and polyurethane coatings, asphalt and tar based coatings, emulsions, silicones, non-asphalt coatings, SPF and urethanes. Each product works best on a certain roof system. Let our expert staff at The Roof Doctor help you make the right decision on which roof coating is right for YOUR roof.

With either a liquid roof coating or spray foam roof coating, the benefits of a waterproof and seamless roof will be long-lasting. Learn about the advantages of energy efficient roof systems by calling The Roof Doctor. We have several reflective roof coatings and “cool roofing” products from which to select.

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